by SorryIWasShitfaced

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SMASHED, first release by SorryIWasShitFaced


released November 28, 2015



all rights reserved


SorryIWasShitfaced Northwest Territories

Melodic/Thrash Punk band from Yellowknife, NT comprised of members from many eras of the Yellowknife underground music scene. Let's get shitfaced.

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Track Name: Intro
*cough* *cough* *cough* *hack*
Track Name: Dirty Knees
Pray to god this doesn't go for long
I'm not ready to let it go at all
Such a tease, we only just met
I can see that your lips say yes
You may want to take a second here
And grasp a breath, no turning back before
You let it all in

We could
Be going down
Different roads
And get lost from here

From here we won't know any better
Than what we touched
Or what we loved
About the television tells us
To become

Oh no
Your mom came home
And I'm not ready to blow
Look back, turn fast
Tell your mom, tell your dad

That you dig the back seat
Cause thats exactly what we need
No more getting on your knees
Just lean over and
Let me @#$%% between your teeth
Track Name: Her Name Was Luke
I'm always looking for the newest model
And eighteen years brings lots of miles
And when you travel, lanes I travel
You need collisions, the freshest type

I go straight through glass anyways
Headlong in your innocent landscape
Tangled between your fingertips
Depends on how safe we play it and

When I see you there
With yourself all smokin'
My brakes are broken
Brakes are broken

Track Name: Trashed
Bong in one hand with a thumb on the shotgun
Cigarette between the fingers and a lighter in the other
Open brewski in my pockets, two bottles under my arm
Got no money in my wallet, hope I make it home tonight

I hope I make it home tonight

Don't think the drunk tank can convince me
Not to get fucked up tonight
But the booze are so enticing
I'll pay the fuckin' price
Track Name: If You're Not Jailbait, You're Trailer Trash
The doors are locked
But you let yourself in
No matter how important this is
Woah, time is a sinking ship
And you beg for it
Killing birds with the same stone
You threw out all you knew
In despair for your kingdom
The seed you call freedom

Take it all
In the fast lane
And I'm laughing first

Break off the chains
While you're pounding them back
Killing cells, raising hell
While they take their walls down
And taking hopes
From the cross to your pillow
You'll never get the chance
For this shit doesn't last
While face down in a pool
Of forgiven regret and tears
And gripping onto the ledge
That you'll never let go
Track Name: I Can Put My Arm Back On (You Can't)
Robes dropped
With one wand standing up
No book could tell about the spell she was under
With the gravity to it, they came together
In a tangle of legs and strokin' of the feathers

In a circle of silence
Cast among themselves
And the hungry movements of quivering mouths
They itch
The quaffle, two bludgers, and the golden snitch

That's right the golden snitch

When something needs riding, make the wheels fall off
Broomsticks are not only for the witches
When you are so young and full of portions
She summons a demon in herself
"Scream my name bitch, and watch my mudblood spray"
Track Name: Interlude
Tim smells
Track Name: Indigo Plateau
What are you worth in this world
Are you ready to take it all on
Choices lay ahead of you
No time to turn back now

While monsters roam in tall grass

Waiting for victims like you
To take on the trials that I ask
That leave you clueless
With no hopes of ever coming back

While monsters roam in tall grass
With abandon

You gotta catch em' all
Track Name: Dressed In Black
I'm not here to give a fuck about
All the shit you've ever spoke
You keep your family close, and your enemies closer
Your tongue's used to spitting poison on everyone you touched
Another sad story, lost in the dust
Dirty knees are only for the weak

Shut your mouth
While you pick up your feet now
You're only in for the beauty of it
Dressed in black
You'll never get, your life back
Was it even worth it
It only lasts a moment

Finish, what you started
Before you run your mouth
Is this everything you wanted
What are you drinking
I said what are you thinking of
What are you dreaming of

Oh, sometimes its hard to fall short
And never amount to anything
Its crystal clear, are you ever gonna learn
You gotta pick up your feet
And carry along the burden, beside you
That you count your wishes on
Your wishes on
Track Name: Quadrillion
I like them hot
I like them spicy
So many choices just give me all you got
Take my number
Take my money
It doesn't matter just give it up

I got a scratch in my throat
I got a sickness waiting to come out
I drop gold for fallen brothers
And the rest gets me higher

Lets light em' up and pound em' back
The numbers don't matter, whatever gets me fucked
There's no other way to satisfy our thirst
Just pound em' back and don't give a fuck
Pound em' back and don't give a fuck

Track Name: No Way José
Where we're going, we don't need roads
We prepared the time to take the city by surprise
We're going back in time
One by one, we'll be taking off
Before, all the city lights drop
We'll be back now once again

The sun is to our backs
Putting faith in this direction
Not knowing where this road will take us
And before our eyes stop time
We'll be here waiting

Taking care of the situation
I couldn't ignore the hold, you had on me
And by luck, I had the means of transportation
So I'm backing out to better destinations
Somewhere I've been just once before
I wouldn't give it all way
Just to see the fortune
Track Name: July 26
Tragedy and shit luck always comes with time
To send us back to the starting line
These bulletproof vests aren't what they're made for
Picking up the pieces that lay among the sand
Understanding no one can hold their whole world in these hands
Never felt a feather so heavy, or did my joints collapse?
At least shit got better, but we can only look back

All we got are memories
All the time and sweat that kept
Bringing us to our knees
We'll be watching all the sights
Of the stars that fall down to earth

But what a fucking day
We got shot through the chest
And there's still some bullets left there
We got too distracted with the best times
To even realize how fucked this life can get
We learned the hard way; couldn't even say goodbye
We hope you hear this song one day

Didn't see a hangover 'till we finished the binge
We got drunk for three weeks and couldn't see the end
Our livers weren't too pleased
But what the fuck else were we supposed to do?
The bottom of every bottle
Called for another
It kept our spirits high,
But it was just so fucking unfair to know we'd never see you again

We're still sitting on the same page
Retracing golden stories
That are never left untold
We grew up searching for a home
We take from heroes

And there was once a time
Long ago
Where we sat here to remember
The hands that made you whole
In life we loved you dearly
In death we do the same
Part of us went with you
The day god, called your name
Track Name: Eat A 8=D
Sick of this bullshit, Tired of your bullshit
Lies surrounding you like flies to a plague
Did it make you feel better when you pushed me down?
Do you feel justified by the standards that you found?
And threw away, when it was convenient to you
Hypocrisy flowing through your veins and you knew
what you did, that time before, as you hid, behind a lie
And It’s left me so confused and I still keep asking why

Did it come to this, I guess about every second chance has it’s worth
All you are is a double standard, a major hazard for me to have gathered and,
discover what you truly are, and watch the foundations of my world vanish
Collapse and vanish

And your loyal subject, what a loyal subject!
Turning on me without a second thought
Armed and prepared to make his stand against me
To proclaim his sorrow of the villain I have been
what a sin that it is that you have them all convinced
A victim of your actions, too afraid to confront
the demons you allow to live inside your conscience
Long as they're not seen, your image keeps its harmony

But now that I am free, I guess not every second chance has it’s worth
All you are is a double standard, a major hazard for me to have gathered and,
discover what you truly are, and watch the foundations of my world vanish
Collapse and vanish